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Top Tips to Help Parents Hire Babysitters

There was a time when finding babysitters was a lot easier. Grandparents and extended family members lived close enough to watch the children whenever parents needed. If family wasn’t available, there seemed to be a never-ending supply of teenage girls who were more than happy to watch the children in exchange for the opportunity to make their own money. These days families are scattered across the country, and the teens who live in the neighborhood are often too busy with school, extra curricular activities, and their own social lives. What are parents to do when they need child care help? Read on for tips to help parents hire babysitters who are available when you need them, and even more importantly, trustworthy.

Check references

Anyone who wants to care for your children should be able to provide references. As a parent, it’s your job to contact these references. Ask questions, and get a good feel fo the type of person you’re entrusting your children to.

Be fair with wages

While you don’t want to break the bank, you don’t want to underpay your sitter. If your wages aren’t fair, the sitter likely won’t be back. The best sitters often demand good wages because they are worth it.

Build rapport

It’s always a good idea to create rapport with your sitter. Take a few minutes to talk and discuss your expectations, let the sitter know about any particular concerns you might have, and take the time to show an interest in the person who will be caring for your child. It only takes a few minutes, but a good rapport can do a lot to make this a better experience for all involved.

Work with an online service

Working with an online service were sitters register is an excellent way to gain access to many babysitters in your area. This larger pool of sitters allows you to look over profiles, read reviews, and gain a better knowledge of the person who is caring for your children. These services are gaining in popularity thanks to how well they work.

It is still possible to find an excellent babysitter, just take the time to follow the above tips. Check references, leave time to build rapport, pay a fair wage, and consider a babysitting registry to help you get started.