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Handbag to Suit Your Style

There are satchel bags, these are generally leather bags styled on school satchels with a covering flap and perhaps a buckle to fasten them. They can quite often be worn on the back with straps but may also have a handle.

Shoulder bags come in a variety of styles, they have a long strap and are designed to be worn hanging over the shoulder.

There are also long handled shoulder style bags which are designed to be worn across the body rather than just hanging from one shoulder.

Hand-held bags also come in a variety of styles, clutch bags are a very common style and are carried around in the hand rather than with a handle. Baguette bags are long and thing but also without handles so must be carried in the hand.

Tote bags are a style of shoulder bag which are large and normally have a zip fastener at the top a lot like a bucket bag. These are a very popular style of bag and can be seen anywhere and at any time.

Yet another variation of the shoulder bag is the hobo bag. These bags are very popular and can be made out of any material and can come in any colour, they are slightly smaller and half-moon shaped.

The style of handbag that you choose might not be affected either by fashion or practical considerations. You might choose a particular colour handbags to match a particular outfit or you might find that an evening bag just is not big enough to carry everything you need at that point.

Messenger bags are flat style bags used for carrying work and pads of writing paper. Even laptop bags have recently become much more of a fashion accessory due to the amount of women now carrying laptops around. They are manufactured in different colours and materials but also built to be practical and are always big enough to carry a laptop.