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Playful and Sexy Styles for Short Curly Hair

Are you trading in your longer wavy locks for short curly hair? If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, it can be quite a burden as it grows longer. While it is very pretty, it can often be annoying as it tends to become limp and frizzy. You notice that your curls are losing their bounce.

Do you feel yourself getting the urge to cut your hair short? Then it might just be the answer to all of your curly hair woes!

Just keep in mind that trimming those tresses will make your hair curlier! So if you are happier with wavy hair, short curly hair might not be your best option.

That being said, if you want to pump up the volume and put some oomph back into your curls, a short curly cut might be just what you need!

Keep in mind that longer hair will add weight to your curls so your hair will seem a lot shorter once you get it trimmed. Consider asking your hair stylist to keep your dry cut your hair to get a clearer vision of how your curls will “bounce back” once they are cut! As well, as your stylist for the best cut to flatter your face shape as this can make a world of difference with short curly hair!

But once you have made the commitment to go short, you will feel like a new woman. A short, sassy cut can give you a much needed-confidence boost, in addition to giving your hair a lift! Short layers will add more volume out your curls as well, if you are going for a look that is fuller and has a lot of movement.

Check out these stunning looks for short curly hair to give you the push you need!

Ways to Style Your Short Curly Hair

  1. Sexy Short Bob with Messy Ringlets

If you want a look that’s totally get-up-and-go, this asymmetrical short bob is super cute! The uneven layers give it an edgy vibe while adding a ton of volume and life to your naturally curly tresses.
To style, simply add a curling product and scrunch your curls gently, letting them fall in any direction for a sexy, carefree look.


  1. Voluminous Curly Pixie

If you are ready to go super short, this pixie is super chic and stylish! Ask to keep the top a little longer and cut the sides short. Then apply volumizing mousse to your hair and blow dry your hair to one side and let your bangs fall over your eyes for a playful look and feel.

Think you’re ready to take a chance and chop off those longer tresses? We think so! Your hair will feel so much healthier and you will feel like a new woman with your short curly hair.

Business Women Tricks Fashion

Foot Works

Women should pay close attention to the type of shoes they wear when conducting business in a professional or formal atmospheres. Shoes should always be well made and fit the feet properly. Too tight shoes can be uncomfortable and easily noticed by others. Women wearing too big shoes, can project a sloppy image that does not represent confidence or the proper style. A woman’s shoes should also be properly polished and not have scuff marks or tears in the leather. We recommend that women polish their shoes at least twice a week and alternate shoes so that they do not wear out quickly. Another good way to preserve shoes is to keep them in a shoe box and use shoe trees to keep and maintain their shape.

Top Management

Women should also have nice, well made tops and blouses for wearing under suit jackets or with a business casual ensemble. Tops should be professional looking and fit properly. Tops that are too big look sloppy and do not flatter the silhouette. Tops that are too tight or clingly are inappropriate for business. The best way to mainain tops is to hang them on hangers or fold them. You can even place dryer sheet in between the tops to prevent static cling, resist wrinkles and keep a fresh smell. Tops which are made of delicate materials such as silk should be dry cleaned or hand washed.

Wearing the Pants

Women should also pay attention to the their body type and how they select their pants or trousers. Women who are petite should select straight cut pants that will flatter their figure and give them an appearance of being tall. The straight cut will keep their shape and will not overwhelm their figure like other styles. Women who are tall should select pants that are extra long and loose, boot-cut or wide leg styles. These styles balance the figure and give the tall woman a nice shape. Capri pants may not be the most flattering style for a tall woman. Curvy women should select pants that are tailored to their figure and are not baggy or too tight.

Womens with Bomber Jackets

You may feel overwhelmed thinking about it. Don’t be overwhelmed by the many choices. Jot down a few notes of the style color and size your interested in and go shopping. Make a mental not of what you prefer and go shopping! You will come out with something you love. This item will keep you warm and toasty through the winter. These jackets will keep you warm in the freezing icy weather. Womens bomber jackets can be made out of micro fiber, polyester, wool, fleece and/or cotton. Find the material that best suits you. If you will you are on the move a lot you will want a lighter material. If you are out in the freezing cold pick up something heavier that will keep you warmer.

Some of the top manufacturers of these jackets include Bill Blass, Charles Keith and Caribou Creek. You might also recognize names such as Armani, Marmot, Patagonia, and Metrostyle. There are many great features associated with women’s bomber jackets, including soft cushy material, internal pockets, exterior pockets and detailed cuffs and collars. These jackets can be found in form fitting styles or more of a loose fitting relaxed style. They can be very simple or they can be novelty.

Womens bomber jackets come in many different price ranges. You will find something you enjoy with in your set price range. Don’t think that you have to break the bank when you go to purchase one of these hot items. If you take the time to shop around, you can easily find wholesale and dealer prices. You can find these priced as low as $25. If you like more expensive clothing, you can find them priced $300 or more.

Beach Bag Styles For Summer

A beach bag is the most ideal carrier when packing your beach items. These bags come in a variety of choices to choose from. The size of the bag you will use depends on the quantity of items that you are going to bring. You can find different types of beach bags that can hold all your necessary stuff for your vacation, including some foods and if you are going to buy local souvenirs from that area, your bag can also accommodate a few. Just like other bags, beach bags can also be personalized with your name or initials to add a special touch.

If you need an extra large beach bag, you have to look for what they call “whale beach bags.” These are very spacious bags with lots of pockets so you can organize your things well. If you are the type who always bring lots of beachwear and toiletries when going to the beach, you will definitely need a whale beach bag. But if your are not like that, you don’t have to use a large carrier like whale bags, instead a smaller one would be enough.

Since beach bags are available in a wide variety of styles, you can find a type that comes in a backpack style. A backpack type of bag is ideal for people who want their hands to be fee. Backpacks will allow you to carry all your necessities at your back, while your hands are free to hold extra items such as a bottled water, or a map. Beach backpacks are also available in different sizes, so don’t worry because you have lots of options to choose from.

If you opt to bring lots of cold drinks and food, consider an insulated beach bag. This is designed to help keep foods and beverages chilled. Insulated bags can also protect medicines from the hot atmosphere. If you want to skip heavy water coolers, an insulated bag is a perfect substitute.

Different kinds of handbags are now available online. There are hundreds of websites that specialize in these items, where you can order your favorite beach bag. Some of them also offer personalized bags which can be customized with names, initials, or personally-made patterns. Personalized bags are often given as gifts during different occasions. Other than bags, you can also customized evening purses, backpacks, diaper bags, fashion bags, and totes. Many business companies use personalized totes as promotional strategy to win the hearts of the public.

Some Types Bags For Men

Newsboy bag – A newsboy bag is a great accessory for a casual outfit. The style is, of course, modeled after the canvas bags that newsboys would sling their newspapers in while peddling the papers on a street corner. So because of its inherent design, a newsboy bag is good for carrying a small stash of items around town. For example, if you’re taking the train from Baltimore to DC to do some sight-seeing for the day, a newsboy bag is just the right size to bring essentials such as your keys, wallet, camera and phone, along with a water bottle and some snacks. For the most versatility, look for a bag with a shoulder strap that fits all the way across the front of your chest. This way, you can have both of your hands free. I like the American Eagle Newsboy Bag, since it has a casual but polished appearance and its neutral colors would go well with any outfit.

Holdall Bag – The holdall bag is perfect for weekend getaway ventures, overnight business trips, and other short travels. Because the holdall bag comes in many different styles and shapes, take the time to find one that best suits your needs. One of my favorite styles is the Valise Carry On by Bric’s Life Collection. This bag is completely practical while still stylish. It is made of genuine leather and contains a waterproof lining. Additionally, it has an adjustable shoulder strap and can be padlocked. The best part? It has a roomy interior but is still small enough to be brought on a plane as a carry on. While most holdall bags have one large inner zippered compartment, you can also look for one with a smaller inner pocket in order to hold little items such as toiletries, tie accessories, or your iPod.

Tote Bag – Not to be confused with its less masculine cousins the diaper bag and the beach bag, the men’s tote bag is an updated look on the briefcase. It’s a bit sportier than luggage, and a good modern, versatile bag. Coach makes some excellent men’s tote bags, while the Filson Rucksack is a good style if you would like a sporty looking tote that can convert into a backpack. The best tote bags are both fashionable and functional. If you are, in fact, on the prowl for a Dad Bag that doesn’t look girly, check out the websites Dad Gear and Diaper Dude. They have men’s tote bags that are specifically designed to carry bottles, diapers and other kid essentials.

Some Stylish Hats to Wear Out

Cloche Hats

The cloche hat is a very stylish accessory and should be in every woman’s wardrobe. It fits closer to the head and would be especially becoming on a woman with a small face. It can be made of a number of materials, such as straw or wool. A cloche may be adorned with feathers, sequins, ribbons, bows or flowers. This hat is the epitome of femininity and style.

Cowgirl Hats

A cowgirl hat is similar to what the cowboys wear but with a bit of a feminine touch. It can be made of straw or even crafted of a woven material. The wide brim will provide excellent sun protection, and certain cowgirl hats may have a brim that is turned up on one side. This type of hat can be very attractive with a multitude of outfits, especially something that has a western flair.

Bucket Hats

A bucket hat resembles a cloche but has more of a brim. It can be made of a variety of materials and also comes in an assortment of colors. Adornment may consist of a wide hatband, ribbons or flower accents. This hat is very fashionable and will go nicely with many outfits.

Fedora Hats

The popular fedora for men also comes in a style that women can wear. It is a very attractive item and will go with many different outfits that a woman may have in her wardrobe. A variety of colors and materials can be found using this hat design.

Pick Right Ladies Bag

A medium sized bag is for people who do not want an item that is too small but are not a fan of the large bags. A medium shape will allow the basic items to be stored as well as a few extra items. The weight will not be too heavy and will allow someone to carry around what they want without having to force things into a small size.

Large tote style bags will give someone the option of lugging around whatever they like. Some people enjoy the large bag size and know that they can fit anything inside of it. The material of it could be a leather or a cotton and the style and patterns may be part of the attraction to the shape. People can store their gym shoes, outfit, paper work and much more in a bag that is massive in size.

Leather bags are a common type that many people use. The durable nature of the material is also easy to wipe clean. The range of colors may go from an array of browns, tans and black tones. Soft and rough type leather may be chosen based on the texture and price tag.

Cotton bags are great for casual wear. They can come in lots of colors and color patterns. With lots of zippers and pockets to store items, they can be perfect for anyone who has a few things to carry around with them.

Some people will have a variety of bags to choose from. They may have one for work and another for going on to enjoy some nightly entertainment. Smaller purses tend to be more flexible for going out at night. It will not weigh down a shoulder by heavy straps and only the essentials can be placed inside. Work bags tend to hold more things and some people may even store their lunches and personal grooming supplies in them.

Using ladies bag styles can be easy. Some people will match up their handbag to the shoes they own or the type of coat the they use. The size of unit purchased could be based on the brand, the price or the overall look of it. Some women may have a few large sized bags and a few small ones and change them around as needed.

Handbag to Suit Your Style

There are satchel bags, these are generally leather bags styled on school satchels with a covering flap and perhaps a buckle to fasten them. They can quite often be worn on the back with straps but may also have a handle.

Shoulder bags come in a variety of styles, they have a long strap and are designed to be worn hanging over the shoulder.

There are also long handled shoulder style bags which are designed to be worn across the body rather than just hanging from one shoulder.

Hand-held bags also come in a variety of styles, clutch bags are a very common style and are carried around in the hand rather than with a handle. Baguette bags are long and thing but also without handles so must be carried in the hand.

Tote bags are a style of shoulder bag which are large and normally have a zip fastener at the top a lot like a bucket bag. These are a very popular style of bag and can be seen anywhere and at any time.

Yet another variation of the shoulder bag is the hobo bag. These bags are very popular and can be made out of any material and can come in any colour, they are slightly smaller and half-moon shaped.

The style of handbag that you choose might not be affected either by fashion or practical considerations. You might choose a particular colour handbags to match a particular outfit or you might find that an evening bag just is not big enough to carry everything you need at that point.

Messenger bags are flat style bags used for carrying work and pads of writing paper. Even laptop bags have recently become much more of a fashion accessory due to the amount of women now carrying laptops around. They are manufactured in different colours and materials but also built to be practical and are always big enough to carry a laptop.

About Dress Urban

In fashion, you should consider that the structure of the body is always a determining factor when it comes to women clothing accessories. General fashion tips such as avoiding sleeveless when curvy should be followed. Try darker shades to compliment plumpness. If you insist on wearing urban accessories that are of light colors, go for the dull or neutral ones. Prefer light and dull blues with matching small prints and vertical lines to forge a slimmer impression. Try to avoid cotton when with a heavy built. For medium built, use beige and brown shades. While if you are slim, most any color will compliment you. You may also try to flaunt with sleeveless and nets.

When matching colors in women clothing accessories, try following the match for your complexion. Fair complexion women go well with copper and gold colors. While white skin tones may use white and some shades of brown in their urban accessories. The dark skinned may want to stick with gold and bronzy shades.

Comfort and some personal preferences like attitude are always equally important in making women fashion accessories work. In fact, it should come as a priority in choosing what urban accessories to wear and what not to. Fashion is more on the feel rather than just the look. It is a reflection of who is behind the satin or the cotton. The timid personalities are mirrored by a selection of square necks, reserved jackets and covers and lesser defined urban accessories. On the other hand, the bold women clothing accessories are commonly sleeveless, with more flesh to protrude. The obvious choices are some baggy and daring outfits. Some elaborate blings and oversized ornaments also join the urban accessories. This kind of women clothing accessories then to be eye-catching as it is functional.

In this fashion, achieving a more feminine look means wearing low waist skirts or jeans. This accentuates those curve hips. Tight and fitted outfit also join the club. The women fashion accessories in urban look demands for low waist jeans or skirts.

The key to urban accessories is attitude. It is having tons stuff and the boldness to flaunt them. It usually is not the brand, nor the place, it is more on the knowledge of the right stuff and how you present yourself for all to see. Urban fashion ranges from the typical American hip hop to the European sophisticated structured design or the ethnic audacity of Asian styles. So whoever you might be or wherever you may come from, the possibilities for women fashion accessories in the urban setting is limitless.

Information of Cowboy Boots For Women

1. Wear them with the right color combination. Leather boots nowadays come in different colors. Aside from the typical brown and black, they also come in red, green, white and more.

2. Use the right type at the right occasion. Some boots for women are manufactured for a specific purpose – some are for bike riding, while some are for trekking. These types have thicker soles and are more focused on comfort, fit and durability other than style. Women’s boots that are worn for style have higher heels and have intricate designs, so do not confuse them with the other styles.

3. Choose a boot style that you are comfortable with. Even if you choose a highly stylish pair of cowboy boots, if you are not confident in wearing them, then it will be useless.

Now here are some tips when not to use your boots.

1. Do not stereotype cowboy boots with the ranch-style fashion. These boots are not created for use as costumes for cowboy or Western themes; rather these are created for style and as fashion statement. You have to wear them as an outfit with other clothes like dresses and jeans, not just with checkered tops and cowboy hats.

2. Do not overdo it. They are a fashion statement all on their own – you should wear something simple when wearing them. Some boots for women are embroidered with designs while others come in different cuts; hence they are fashionable already. If you wear something fashionable over it, that would be too much.

3. Do not overuse them. Creating a fashion statement is fine, just do not wear them everyday. A fashion statement will no longer be a statement if it becomes too common.

Cowboy boots for women is an investment that you should not miss. High-quality boots, although expensive, can last for three to six years, maybe even more, depending on the care that you exercise on your shoes.