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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Favorite Lucky Brand Leather Bag

Messenger Style Bags – Messenger bags this year (and last) have become quite popular due to their convenience in carrying large numbers of even heavy items. The Lucky Brand leather lineup includes some messenger bags that are to die for! Gorgeous layering with different patterns and colors to choose from.

Patchwork Bags – One of the things that Lucky Brand is known best for is their ability to put together patchwork to make some of the most gorgeous designs ever! These bags range from simpler square patchwork to rather elaborate, ornamented (and always colorful) designs.

Hobo Bags – The lineup of hobo bags is rather extensive in the collection and it was hard to make a choice on a favorite for this group. The leather hobo bags available generally speaking have gorgeous leather, lots of different and unique designs and are some of the most useful bags due to their adequate space and organizational features.

Stash Bags – Here is another group of bags that has made Lucky Brand Leather handbags some of the favorites for women. The “Stash” bags have pockets outside and in to make organizing a breeze – some having embossed leather, some smooth. All of them (in my opinion) are quite lovely.

All about Evening Bags

The most durable and stylish bag materials consist of leather, satin and silk. Sequined bags have usually been frowned upon for evening wear, as they are considered “gaudy” in certain circles of society. However, they have always had a following by others.

The worst thing you can do is wear head to toe metallic, all leather or all one color. Experts suggest wearing an outfit that will contrast and spice-up your look, yet provide a bag that allows you to carry your essentials in a stylish manner. Distinguished designer bags can be purchased in silk, beads, crystal, or vintage evening bags and yet still be in style every year.

The younger and more chic shoppers enjoy using a wider assortment of designs and styles for their bag styles in the evenings. They have a tendency to shop for hobo styles or cotton bags from India as compared to a fashion line that has come down the centuries – such as basic black in the winter and tan or white in the summers. But one thing they hold in common – the little clutch bags add style to most formal or evening dress and will hold the basic of items – such as cell phone, car keys, and a little cash.

With evening bags a popular item in the fashion world of today, shopping online is the only way to shop global and choose a quality bag that matches your ensemble within the privacy of your home. Go online and browse styles and designs that are trend setters or you can look at different variations of traditional types that have been around a long time.

The online e-stores have sales and discounts all year long with free shipping occasionally offered as part of the specials. Internet shopping is the first glimpse that customers have of the latest in the newest designs – next to the fashion shows on the runways.

Harley Davidson Boots

Women’s Harley Davidson boots are not simply for riding. Consider the trendy hiker boots that are warm, comfortable, possess that inner sock to increase your comfort and are waterproofed so that you’re going to stay dry no matter what you are doing.The prices for some of these shoes and boots may at first seem a bit high but consider the actual quality and value of the Harley boots. For most of them, the leather and the styling alone makes them well worth the price and when compared to others such as the Doc Martins that were in fashion a few seasons ago, the Harley boots offer a great deal more sturdiness, selection and long lasting good build for far less than you might expect to pay.

Getting your own women’s Harley Davidson boots is simply a matter of taking a trip to your nearest Harley store or checking out the styles and selections online. You are going to find a full range of Harley footgear on sites all over the internet and you can shop for some of their best boots and shoes without ever having to leave your own living room. Some of the key points that make these boots good sellers are:

*full grain leather uppers
*Multiple styles of soles
*vast array of styles
*Sturdy stitching
*relative low price in comparison to other boots for women

Get on board the latest fashion trend by selecting your own pair of women’s Harley Davidson boots for your comfort and fashion.The styles say high fashion, the sturdiness says long lasting comfort and the price means that you’re saving money on some of the most trendy and fashionable footwear that’s out there for this season.

Some Reasons Women Love To Wear Jewelry

Women love to wear jewelry no matter what activity they want to do. You could wear them when you go shopping, when you go to the laundry shop, and to whatever errands you have to finish on your day. Likewise, no one can prevent you when you want to wear fashion accessories when you go jogging around. So you want to look like a model during your aerobics class, wearing glitter on your shoes and headgear, and as long as you are comfortable, why not? Incidentally, a famous professional tennis player never forgets to wear her gold drop earrings for each tournament. She looks fantastic on the court, and most of the time she wins. Her sports attire includes her jewelry, and who knows, brings good luck to her.

So why wear jewelry? As a woman, you are always wary of your total look. Without jewelry on you, you feel something lacking in your appearance. You believe something beautiful like an ornament adds sparkle to your personality. You believe that wearing jewelry brings out the feminine stance in you. Regardless if you are a teenager, in your mid-forties or in your senior years, you love jewelry because it makes you stand out on your own style and it brings out the confident look in you.

With regards to trendy styles, women often look to jewelry to update their appearance. Fashion jewelry includes different sizes of necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets, bracelets, tiaras as well as decorative lapel pins, headbands, hair clips and pins.

And speaking of exciting jewelry that you can wear for any occasion, you can wear cat eye beads to create your own personal jewelry design. For sure, you would achieve the best look you have always wanted.

For more information of this type of jewelry, check out tiger eye beads to wear for an exquisite look for any event.