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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Cleaning Your Bag Tips

Many people own leather fashion bags, because of their smooth soft texture. Leather designer handbags are also very durable and last a long time. Plus, a little age on a leather bag can actually add some stylish character. Use some leather conditioner on a white cloth and rub out those stains. The conditioner will also moisturize the bag as well, which leather thirsts for every so often anyway.

Cleaning suede fashion bags requires a different method. Buy a suede block to gently buff out those stains. Stains can easily occur on suede due to dark clothing transfers, magazines, and paper bags. Wet the block and rub away while you are watching TV or something. If the stains are not coming out, then carefully hold your designer handbag over steam coming off of boiling water. Be careful not to accidentally drop your purse into the water! After you steam the bag, use the block to rub out the stain some more.

Fabric fashion bags do not require such peculiar methods. Just use a damp white cloth and a little normal soap, and gently rub the stains out of your designer handbags. Or you could buy a special fabric cleaner, which will work well for those stubborn stains. Make sure to clean off those stains immediately, do not wait until the stains seep into the fabrics fibers.

Hopefully these cleaning tips will get your fashion bags looking like new once again. If they do not work then it is probably time to go to a professional. You could even call the store your purchased the purse from and see if they will completely refurbish the purse for you, which does cost a lot, but it may be worth it to you. Make cleaning your designer fashion bags a habit and you could sell them in future as well.

Great Golf Bag

When selecting a golf bag, you will first choose between two important styles: cart bags and stand carry bags. The golf cart bag is designed for play with a golf cart. A cart-style bag can typically offer a wide variety of features, pockets and extra storage that a stand carry bag may not have. When the golf cart is going to be the chief mode of transportation for your clubs and other equipment, choosing a solid, durable, and well-equipped cart bag allows you to maximize the equipment you carry as well as the way you carry it.

The second major type of golf bag is a golf stand carry bag. This type of bag differs from a golf cart bag because it is designed to be carried not by the golf cart, but by the golfer. Therefore, one of the most noticeable differences between the two is the bag’s layout. A bag meant to be carried will come with one or two shoulder straps, and will also be equipped with strong but lightweight legs to prop the bag up when you stop to take a shot. Stand carry bags are also known for being lightweight while still strong and durable. The more streamlined the bag’s features are, the easier it is for you to carry your gear as you traverse the course on foot.

Therefore, each of the two major golf bag styles presents different advantages, depending on what you are looking for in your game. If you and those with whom you play prefer golf carts, then the golf cart bag is certainly the preferred style for you. This type is a durable, protective bag that presents to you many options in terms of extra storage and features. For golfers who walk, a golf stand carry bag is the route to go. Designed to be lightweight, durable, protective and easy to carry, a carry bag gives you everything you need with nothing you don’t.

Ultimately, you should buy your golf bag based on personal preference and style. Determine which type of bag you prefer, or have one of each for varying games. Then assess the features offered by each bag and compare them to your own needs and preferences as a golfer. Lastly, style can also play a role in your selection. Weigh these factors to select a golf bag that is right for you as a golfer and as an individual.

Women Cornrows

One assumption that many people make about cornrows is that only certain people can wear cornrows. This assumption is entirely untrue because anybody can wear cornrows. However, some people will have to take special steps when wearing cornrows to get the style to stay or look good. For example, white women or men who wish to wear cornrows will need to have at least 7 or 8 centimeters of hair to even wear cornrows, 10 centimeters is recommended if you want the style to last for any length of time.

Something else that is different for white people with cornrows is that they will need to add some kind of moisturizing gel or even a hair wax to their hair. The reason for this is to help the style hold, this way little tiny hairs are not able to pop out of the cornrows and make the hairstyle look bad. Another problem that white people need to address when wearing cornrows is getting their hair wet or going to bed. To help prevent the style from falling out or looking all crazy when swimming or showering it is best to wear some kind of cap, such as a swimming cap or a shower cap. At night, you can wear a silk scarf or something similar to protect the style.

Women’s Lingerie For Man

Women’s lingerie for a man is exactly what it sounds like. Basically, it is the typical lingerie that you see women wearing but it is made for men. People buy it for their own bedroom fetishes, for male strippers, or as gag gifts. Either way, there is a lot of entertaining women’s lingerie for men.

What Kind of Women’s Lingerie for Men Is Offered?

There are so many different types of women’s lingerie for men, there is probably pretty much anything that you can think of plus there are some custom places. There is a lot of men’s novelty underwear that they offer. This includes tuxedo thongs with tail, tuxedo short shorts, sexy tear off bikinis and tear off shorts, animal character G-strings, and other theme underwear for men.

The animal underwear is very popular particularly as for wedding presents. They offer a wide variety of animals such as elephants, storks, cock-a-doodle-roosters, bulls, penguins, hung-like-a-horses, rhinos, flamingos, alligators, and dragons. You’d think these would be super expensive but the average price is actually only about $20.

Men’s thongs are also very popular men’s lingerie for women’s entertainment! You can get very simple or very creative with men’s thongs as well. They offer all of the colors of the rainbow, animal prints, various materials (i.e. leather or fishnet). Some of them are tear off/clip off thongs or even crotchless; they’re very exciting.

A lot of lingerie companies also offer men’s bodysuits and exotic play suits. These are good alternatives to typical men’s thongs, they’re a different type of women’s lingerie for men. There are a variety of these too such as bodysuits, one-piece tank suits, suspender thongs, wrestler suits, and fetish play suits. In order to appreciate these you sort of need to have a fetish in general. You can find these babies in a variety of colors, materials, animal prints, and styles.